Maritime procedure Agent in Tokyo Japan, specialized for 

Japanese Seafarers Act(Mariners Law) and 

license's application for "seafarer recruitment and placement

                                                       service(Manning) " to Japanese Maritime Authority.

Remark: Our office is working for corporate customers. Not for individual customers.

About Us

Representative: Capt. Kensuke Mori

A member of Japan Maritime Procedure Commission Agent Association.

Certificated First Grade Maritime Officer (Navigation: STCW II/1), Third Grade Maritime Officer (Radio Electronic: STCW IV/2) and Third Grade Maritime Officer (Engineering: STCW III/1.)

Registered Maritime Counselor. Licensed Compass Adjuster of JCAA. 


Shinagawa Konan Maritime Office would like to support Ship owners or Ship-management companies. Also we would like to assist newly establishing companies of Seafarer Dispatching Business or Seafarer recruitment and placement service in Japan. 


Shinagawa Konan Maritime Office have long experience both on ship and and shore offices, so that we are able to offer certain documentations, timely registration and reliable reporting to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(Japanese Maritime Authority) and Japanese maritime industries.

Our focuses

  • Registration for Ship owner
  • Embarkation/Disembarkation
  • Seafarer's Working regulations
  • Maritime Labour Certificate
  • and others 
  • Seafarer’s pocket-ledgers(ID book)
  • Navigation watch ratings(STCW II/4)
  • Special training certificate for certain type of ships(STCW V/1-1, V/1-2, V/2, V/3, V/4)
  • and others
  • New registration of manning agency
  • Renewal and amendment of the registration
  • Drafting the Seafarer Dispatching Agreement
  • Management of the record book of dispatching seafarers
  • and others
  • Consulting Maritime industries of Japan
  • Research, report, settlement and evaluation for the ship related
  • Drafting and submitting the documents of the ships
  • Translating maritime English into Japanese(English=>Japanese only)
  • Consulting agreement
  • and others

Please let us know your questions and requirements about Japanese maritime business.

We will make a preparatory research and offer you our quotation with free of charge.

Office Address: 602-4-6-4chome, Konan, Minato City, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan


phone/fax:  +81-3-3472-1700