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Privacy Policy



Shinagawa Konan Maritime Office (our office) has established a policy of acquisition, use and management as a personal information protection policy / privacy policy regarding the handling of customer's personal information, so we would appreciate your understanding.

◆Acquisition of personal information

Our office will collect personal information of customers (information that can identify individuals such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) within the scope of inquiries from customers and it's contracted business, etc.

◆Use of personal information

The acquired personal information will be used for the purpose of contracted business and communication with customers.

◆Security management of personal information

Regarding the management of personal information, our office implements security and cyber security measures for all staff in line with the "Information security management procedures" of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

◆Prohibition of disclosure to third parties


In principal, We will not provide customer's personal information to third parties except when required by law.

◆Inquiries about personal information


Chief of Shinagawa Konan Maritime Office : Capt. Kensuke Mori

e-mail :

Telephone : 03-3472-1700

◆About modification and review


Our privacy policy will be reviewed whenever it is necessary in response to revision of the related laws and regulations, etc.

Office Address: 602-4-6-4chome, Konan, Minato City, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan


phone/fax:  +81-3-3472-1700